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Popular Activities

The 25 foot  Searunner Trimaran is available for charter - as a trimaran she has 3 hulls - for a big cockpit with room for 8, trampolines for lounging with lots more space, and stability. Troll for big fish, watch for whales and dolphins and enjoy gorgeous sunsets and scenery.  Charters are by the hour with a 2 hour minimum - soft drinks, beer and wine are included, as well as snorkeling equipment. There is a limit of 6 guests.

A sportfishing excursion is is a must - some of the best tournaments in the world happen in Costa Rica - all you need is some sunscreen and get ready to have fun on the water.

Outrigger canoes are perfect to for an outing to beautiful secluded beaches to swim and snorkel (snorkeling only when conditions permit) in clear calm waters and see the Costa Rica that you came to see.  Included is a guide to steer and up to 7 other paddlers to share the load. Very stable, comfortable and easy to paddle, the outrigger excursion is ideal for a fun, no experience necessary, half day getaway.

Starting in the Tárcoles River your guide will take you through different types of forests, in particular the mangrove,where there are a large variety of wildlife such as the large American crocodiles that measure more than 5 m in length, as well as basilisks, and iguanas. There is also a natural bird sanctuary where you can see more than 60 species of birds including the beautiful scarlet macaw.

The tour involves:

  • 2 hour tour on a comfortable and secure boat
  • Bilingual guide
  • Spectacular crocodile Man Show (optional)
  • Complimentary bottle of water
  • We also offer transportation and lunch (optional)


A Jet ski tour is unique in Jaco Beach as you will have an extreme experience riding the waves with a tour of the ocean coast and travel to beautiful secluded beaches. The 3 hour tour will give you a good view of the Costa Rica coast and hidden places that are not accessible by land.

General Usage, Duration and Price

  • 1/2 Hour     $60
  • 1 hour     $100

* Leaving from the beach.

Tour, Duration and Price

  • 3 1/2 hours     $200

Learn to surf in Costa Rica which has some of the most enjoyable and easy to learn surf in the world! Surfing is healthy, natural, gets you in good shape with a nice tan, and most of all its fun. Water temperatures are around 78 degrees year round. Nothing compares with riding a nice glassy wave. There is something magical about surfing. Experience this magic for yourself!

An ATV tour is a perfect quick getaway - climb the mountains of the central Pacific, ride by the beach and enjoy all the amazing views around in this 2, 3 or 4 hour trip. An ATV tour gives you the chance to combine the jungle and the ocean in the same day, a unique way to discover Costa Rica. Stay alert because you will see all kinds of wildlife, tropical flora and fauna - an adventurous and exciting ATV tour - where you can see a breathtaking view of the central valley and Pacific Ocean. You can ride through a rainforest to a coffee plantation and a tropical dry forest. See wildlife and over 5,000 different plants. Enjoy riding down winding mountain roads surrounded by diverse tropical vegetation of the rainforest. Arrive at a beautiful waterfall and swim in the refreshing and crystalline natural water. ATV tours offer vacationers an exciting way to see and experience some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes.

Duration & Price

  • 2hours - $65
  • 3 hours - $85
  • 4 hours - $110

Departure 9 am or 1pm, prices are per person and extra passenger $20

There is no better adventurous activity for the thrill seeker than bungee jumping in Costa Rica. Get the adrenaline pumping with one of the tallest bungee jumping bridges in the Americas. An hour west of San Jose a river gorge bungee jump offers a 200-foot freefall in a lush, tropical canyon. Jump from the Old Colorado River Bridge that's 265 feet high or close to Arenal Volcano with its water immersion and rocket launcher features. You can't get any more extreme than this for a walk-in and walk-out excursion!

There is opportunity to ride on Costa Rican beaches or in the Rain Forest. These tours last for an hour to all day, the choice is yours, and offer varying terrain for novices and experiences for horse riders alike. Imagine riding along one of Costa Rica’s pristine beaches and then playing in the surf with your trusty steed. There are vistas and waterfalls otherwise not accessible by foot or vehicle that can be enjoyed on horseback. It's a good idea to call ahead to ensure a mount is available for you as these tours are booked up quickly.

This is one of the most unique and new excursions available in few places - the Tarzan Swing Tour. For those who missed it, Tarzan was the guy who swung through the jungle on vines so that he did not have to walk, almost Spider-Man like. Well this is your opportunity to do the same except you swing from tree to tree using bungee cords. It’s a real cool experience, not for the faint of heart, but one that you will remember for a lifetime - make sure you bring someone along to video tape it - it’ll be worth it!

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